Welcome to An American Family. This site tells the story of two American families: the Jones family (my family) and the Dumond family (my husband's family). Our families come from two very different places and backgrounds. My ancestors were probably all from the British Empire and settled in the southern United States well before the Civil War. My husband is French-Canadian and Acadian and his ancestors came to the New World in the 1600s. They settled in Maine and generations seemed to have alternated between the US and Canada. But we are all more "American" than anything else. Hence, An American Family. On this site you will find family trees, photo albums and biographical sketches/memoirs written by members of our family.

Eli Alberic Dumond

Photograph of Eli Alberic Dumond taken in June 2007.

My first grandson! Welcome to the world, Eli! More pictures of Eli and his family!.

The Web

I started working on "my genealogy" about seven years ago. The family trees section of this web site has the latest "webified" reports on my research -- updated in Summer 2006.

The surnames and locations in my lines are:

My husband's family came from France to Canada, then from New Brunswick to Maine. The surnames in my husband's lines are:

Finding Your Way Around this Site

Let me give you a brief rundown of how to find your way around the site. At the top-right of every page you'll find my site logo (this is also a link to the home page) and the site and page title banners. Below that, is a static navigation bar. The links in the navigation bar go to the most visited parts of the site:

What's New - check here to find out about the most recent changes to "An American Family" and for a look at the history of this site. Updated Summer 2006.

Family Tree - our family tree pages. Updated Summer 2006.

Memoirs - a collection of remembrances of loved ones who have passed on written by those who loved them. Updated Summer 2006 -- now includes my family's stories of the impact Hurricane Katrina had and continues to have on their lives.

Featured Ancestors - Periodically, I create web pages to highlight the lives of certain ancestors. The currently featured ancestors are my parents, Walter Singleman Jones and Iona Yvonne (Polly) Bruce.

Photo Albums - just what it sounds like, photographs, old and new. Updated Summer 20006.

Research - a page summarizing the current status of my research into my genealogy and that of my husband. Updated Summer 2006.

Resources and Links - a variety of resources (online and offline) to aid in your search for your ancestors with internet links. Updated Summer 2006.

Site Map for An American Family. Updated Summer 2006.

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A Word About Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7, the latest version of Microsoft's browser, was released yesterday, 19 October 2006. I hadn't wanted to mess with the betas and release candidates, but I downloaded the "final release version" and checked out this site in it. What a garbled mess it made of simple CSS and HTML... Simple images not rendered at all or not rendered fully... To say I was disappointed is an understatement. In addition, within an hour of downloading IE7 I saw a warning on CNET that there was a security vulnerability in IE7. What a bummer.

As a result, I am joining the "Use FireFox" crowd. Well, personally, I've used FireFox for over a year for my personal browsing, but I haven't been evangelizing it. Well, I am now. I strongly urge you to download FireFox immediately and use it for browsing anything other than Microsoft.com or MSN.com.

Well, I discovered what was causing the right column content to mess up in IE 7, it was in the CSS implementation. I was using a CSS class to tell the browser to treat the first letter of the first paragraph differently than the rest of the text. Some how, some way that was causing the contents of the "right-content div" to display incorrectly or not at all. It wasn't hard to fix, but it was annoying.